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The flexibility of the Barrisol range of products teamed with the skill and imagination of the Barrisol Ireland team means we are able to offer endless possibilities when it comes to your interior design projects.

The Barrisol Universe refers to the many varieties of stretch ceiling systems that have been developed by Barrisol over the last 40 years, 
and Barrisol Ireland is the approved Irish distributor for Barrisol systems.

Ceiling & Wall Systems

Barrisol is the world’s leading stretch ceiling system. Developed in France, a Barrisol stretched ceiling consists of two key elements; a light-weight Barrisol sheet and an innovative track system. The flexible Barrisol sheeting is stretched and shaped using heat and is fixed into place using the Barrisol patented, perimeter rail system. Every Barrisol stretch sheet is manufactured specifically for its own unique location. Because of its unique elastic properties, Barrisol can be removed numerous times without impacting the sheets ability to be reinstalled like new.

Printed Walls

Barrisol Print offers a fast and clean installation with considerably less mess than traditional wall papering techniques and the added benefit of being easy to remove and reinstall at any time, without damage. Each installation is made-to-measure and can be combined with a Barrisol Lighting System for a fresh, clean and modern look that is wonderfully original.Take a look at some of our favourite print projects.

Printing Requirements:
  • Images need to be 1/10 of the final ceiling size
  • Images should be supplied in a PDF or EPS vector format
  • Images must be a minimum of 300 dpi

    Stretch Mirror

    Designed to be mounted onto self-supporting frames and manufactured from a lightweight and highly reflective metallised polymer film, Barrisol Stretch Mirror is the ideal choice for complex displays and suspended installations.Contrary to the standard Barrisol Stretch Sheeting, the mirror-like material is not installed using heat. Instead, it is wrapped around custom-built frames and held in place with aluminium strips. As with all Barrisol Stretch Systems, the stretch mirror benefits from rapid installation times and can be easily removed and reinstalled for portable applications.

    Lighting Systems

    Thanks to the unique and highly adaptable nature of Barrisol Translucent Sheets, we can create intelligent lighting systems to make your interiors brighter and bolder without compromising on design. We offer our customers the whole package, from the Barrisol to the LED lighting, all designed, supplied and installed by our expert Barrisol Engineers.

    There are no limits to how a Barrisol Lighting installation can help illuminate your interior space. We can even create illuminated 3d effects through our Barrisol ELT3D Lighting concept. Whether you’re looking to create eye-grabbing lighting features for a reception, bar or showroom; want to incorporate projected visual into your exhibition, or require sharp, clean lighting within a manufacturing facility, retail space or hospital, Barrisol can help you to achieve your goals.

    Acoustic Systems

    The micro-perforated sheets convey outstanding audible results, and with the micro-perforations being almost invisible, you can expect the same high-quality finish as every other Barrisol Stretch Ceiling System. For advanced results, Barrisol Sheets can be used in association with an acoustic absorbent to reduce the intensity of the sound waves even further.

    Barrisol Acoustic Ceiling Technology can be applied anywhere but our acoustic sheeting is a particularly popular option for improving the sound within enclosed public spaces such as museums, churches, music venues, swimming pools, restaurants and commercial offices.

    3D Displays

    The special characteristics of Barrisol Aluminium Profiles combined with the broad range of Barrisol Stretch Sheets make the realisation of the most extravagant 3D displays possible. We can create architectural forms of any shape including, but certainly not limited to, rings, waves, cones, paved, cubic, pyramids, vaults, arches, full clothes-hangers, warheads, corbellings and ogives.

    Barrisol 3D Structures and 3D Lighting Profiles can be used for any installation, bringing a whole new dimension to your display space. A popular choice for quirky retail and exhibition displays, Barrisol 3D Structures are also regularly installed in commercial offices, hotel, leisure and marine applications.

    Track Systems

    With over 80 different profiles available the Barrisol Track System can be manipulated to create almost any shape imaginable. 

    Barrisol’s frameworks can be bent, curved and formed to fit any shaped room or structure, and provide designers and architects endless possibilities when it comes to interior design projects. The tracks are made from 100% recyclable aluminium and PVC materials, are highly durable and lightweight.

    Barrisol Clim

    Barrisol Clim is a unique innovation that enables designers and architects to manage aesthetically pleasing lighting, with the flexibility of also heating and cooling a room. With minimum maintenance required it Barrisol Clim can be combined with any of the Barrisol stretch finishes. 

    Using between 5-10% less energy than a standard air conditioning system, Barrisol Clim provides an environmentally friendly alternative which meets AA cold and AAA hot performance standards, according to ISO 7730.